Our mission is to honor the desire of those who wish to better protect themselves and those around them by providing the highest quality training available. Our training techniques will enhance skills and confidence, while emphasizing safety.

We at Phobos Solutions are committed to helping our clients live without undue fear, apprehension or lack of confidence brought on by the ever-present possibility of violence in today’s society. Our commitment to the education of responsible citizens through our personal awareness and firearms training programs will afford each of you the knowledge and confidence to avoid becoming a victim.

In classic Greek mythology, Phobos is the personification of fear brought by war. He is the offspring of Aphrodite (God of Love) and Ares (God of War). Phobos was ever present in battle. From the Homer Iliad 13.298: "As Ares is when he strides into battle and Phobos (Terror) goes on beside him, his beloved son, the powerful dauntless, who frightens even the patient-hearted warrior: these two come out of Thrake to encounter in arms the Ephyroi or the great-hearted Phlegyes, but the two will not listen to prayers from both sides, but give the glory to one or the other."

Our professional Law Enforcement/ Military trained and experienced instructors provide a variety of services including Personal Security Solutions, Firearms Training, Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permits Certification (LA CHP) commonly referred to as CCW, Executive Protection Services and much more. Based and incorporated out of the Greater New Orleans area, Phobos Solutions can provide services across the continental United States. Mobile training is available upon request.

Lewis Frost
During his 14-year law enforcement career, Lewis Frost has acquired a wide array of specialized armed service and tactical training. His career has spanned several disciplines within law enforcement to include Patrol, Training Officer, Detective, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Operator and Sniper. In his 12 years as a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, Lewis has served as an entry team operator and is currently the Sniper Team Leader.

In addition to extensive specialized training, Lewis has secured multiple firearms instructor certifications with established expertise in Close Quarters Battle, Sniper Deployment and SWAT tactics. Lewis has been sought out by numerous regional, state and federal law enforcement agencies the United States.

Lewis is an Independent Contractor and (United States) Department of State recognized Trainer for a large private corporation specializing in the deployment of security professionals to foreign countries. Lewis also has been requested to teach foreign nationals in numerous disciplines to include weapons and shooting. Lewis is also a Personal Security Specialist and has served as Agent-in-Charge on numerous V.I.P. protection assignments for high profile clients.



Nicholas Cottone
Nick began his law enforcement career in 1998 with a large Metropolitan Sheriff's Office. His law enforcement career has spanned a wide variety of aspects of law enforcement: including Patrol, Training Officer, Undercover Narcotics Agent, K-9 Handler, and currently a Detective.

Nick’s experience in the Personal Violence Unit has given him the unique knowledge and expertise to specialize in the practical application of Personal Protection Strategies and Personal Preparations. He is widely sought out for his knowledge and experience in the various fields of personal security.

Nick has also worked as a Personal Security Specialist for the protection of VIPs throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Nick is a highly experienced competitive shooter.

He instructs personnel in Defensive Tactics, firearms (multiple platforms), and Personal Preparation for Violent and Traumatic Encounters. Nick is also a certified armorer for multiple different firearms.




Nick and Lewis at Phobos Solutions provided an excellent environment for learning about handgun personal protection. I had used a handgun on a few occasions prior to taking their class and quickly realized how much I didn't know about the subject. Being in the real estate/construction business and with the crime occurring around NO metro area, I am certainly inclined to utilize my CHP while traveling around town. Phobos Solutions enabled me to consider the many facets of handling a firearm and managing a CH (Concealed Handgun) that will instill confidence in my (and my family's) personal safety. My wife has also expressed interest in taking the class and I'm certainly encouraging her to sign up this summer.

- Kenny Boyd

If you are interested in learning and becoming proficient with any weapon platform, then Phobos Solutions and their instructors are the best you will find anywhere. It does not matter if you are a civilian who has a CHP or an experienced operator, these guys will break down the instruction simple enough for even a child to learn. I have taken whatever course they have scheduled, from basic tactical operations, carbine, handgun, and shotgun, to scheduling private group and one on one private classes. I am a former police officer and have experienced many trainers, but no trainer that I have experienced come close to Lewis, Nick, and Jimmy. Not only are they fun to be around, but the dedication and instruction that you will get is absolutely the best. Do yourself a favor and take one of the upcoming classes and see for yourself.

- Eric K. Hite
Future participants of Phobos Solutions

Before I go into great detail of the superior training I received from Phobos Solutions, let me give you my background. I was an Army MP, 10 year veteran with Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, 3.5 years Louisiana State Police, 2 years Newberry City Police (SC) and Owner/Operator of a security firm based in NOLA.

I had the privilege of participating in a 3 gun course (3 gun platform, not 3 gun competition) with concentration on CQB (Close Quarter Battle). During the course of fire and target acquisition, each and every instructor had the ability to translate into common terminology what is required and how the transition from weapon to weapon will be conducted , all the while maintaining the safest live fire range I have ever stepped foot on. It goes without saying that they made me more aware of technics and fire superiority against any and all adversaries. I will be participating in future courses and have contacted the instructors with questions or concerns and was able to get in detail, the answers accordingly. The instructors maintain extreme professionalism on and off the range.

- David Burke

As a veteran of Police Special Operations for over 30 years, I ascended the ranks from team member to the Special Operations Division Commander for a large metropolitan police department. I have participated in and seen the progressive advance of training doctrine and the art of the modern day police tactical operator in my career.

Recently, I had the opportunity to both observe and participate in firearms training with Lewis Frost of Phobos Solutions, LLC. During those events, Phobos’ Lewis Frost demonstrated his vast level of weapons and instructor experience through both lecture and physical demonstrations in a wide range of pistols, tactical shotgun and tactical carbine. Throughout the training his level of safety and coordinated instruction were well recognized and enhanced the level of each participant's experience.

Based upon my observations and my experience while training with this instructor I would highly recommend Lewis Frost and the cadre of Phobos Solutions, LLC, to you. If you seek the opportunity in training either as beginner, intermediate in firearms or to those with operator experience who are interested in sharpening their abilities or advancing their skills.

In today's changing World now is the time to advance your personal protection through training.

Harry Mendoza
Captain of Police

The instructors at Phobos Solutions are top notch and every time I train with them I learn something new. They all, not only have a tremendous amount of experience to back up what they teach, but they also have the skill to portray those points to their students.

- Chad Caplan
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